Hyundai Smart4Home is a security & automation home system via radio. This system is controlled via smartphone/tablet or browser. U-Net via radio bidirectional communication system offers more security.

Thanks to the IP control station and Hyundai server, is possible to access remotely o you your alarm system (no matter where you are and where you go).

This system also sends event notifi cations and video of the IP cameras. Everytime that somebody gets in your home, you will receive a message to your smartphone, and will register the images obtained from the IP camera (via SD card or cloud)

The basic alarm kit is composed by one IP control station and its main accesories (IP WiFi camera, motion detector, door/window contact device, voice siren, and remote push button) Hyundai offers and extended selection of additional accesories.

Smart4home on the mobile


U-net protocol has been developed by Hyundai and it's a communication patent protocol that works on 868MHz for UE and 923MHz for the US. The porpouse of developing U-net system is to allow more data transmission in a certain period of time while the energy consumption is mantained on a reasonable level.

Since the U-net implementation, Hyundai has designed and manufactured security and automation devices so U-net can work on residential areas. U-net converts any autonomous device in a intelligent network device that can be controlled and supervised via radio. When its incorporated in an automation home system, devices based on U-net can work perfectly together. This fl exibility sytem allows us limitless design on our products and versatility in our kits. Hyundai offers a wide range of home security automation devices